(With flat jaw type grip with screw tightening)
A. Electronic Model
i. Model TE- L 200 (Single Speed)
ii. Model TE VS 200 (Variable Speed)
– Extra for computer linking & Software
B. Mechanical Model TP – L 250
– Extra for Load Elongation Recorder
Grip & Fixtures
a. Test piece holder for tear specimens as per figure 2 of
b. LP:7 of IS: 5914
b. Needle Perforation Fixture

Accessories for Preparing Tensile Specimens
A. Specimen Cutting Press (Hand Operated)
– Hydraulic type (2 ton nominal capacity)
B. Cutting Dies
I. For Tensile Specimens as per IS: 5914
a. Large
b. Medium
c. Small
II. For Tear Specimens as per IS: 5914
a. 50 x 25 mm with slot
b. 50 x 25 mm with simplified cut
c. 50 x 25 mm with two holes
d. 75 x 25 mm with a hole and a cut
III. For Needle Perforation Test