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As per TAPPI T-414, APPITA P-400, SCAN

P-11, ASTM D 689,D 751,D 1424
(A)Manual Tearing Resistance Tester (with single Pendulum) – It is used for measuring the resistance against tearing of Paper, Board, Plastic films and other similar materials. An initial cut is made in a set of test piece, which are then torn through a given distance. The work done in the test piece is measured as the loss in potential energy of a pendulum which is free to swing on it horizontal axis. A calibrated scale indicates the mean tearing force.
(B) Electronic Tearing Resistance Tester – It has pneumatic clamping of the test pieces. Automatic calculations are done through Microprocessor and presentation of measured value to ensure accurate and stable test results. It can be attached with computer & printer.
(1)Option with all models of Tearing Tester Interchangeable pendulum for different range. Tearing sample cutter. Set of calibration weights.