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Stiffness Tester is used for evaluating stiffness and resilient qualities of Paper, Plastics cardboard, Light metallic sheets,

Foil and other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance. One end of the test piece is easily fastened into the clamp. The maximum force required to bend the test piece to a specified angle is presented on the graduated scale.

As per TAPPI 489 M-69,ASTMD-747-61-

T,JIS P-8185
(A)Stiffness Tester (Taber Type) with triple shear cutter – Measuring range 0-10000 Stiffness Unit. It is provided with imported gear motor driven.
(B)Electronic Stiffness Tester(Banding type) – Measuring range 0-5000 mN, accuracy of load cell within ± 2% of ture reading but not better than ± 1% of 5000 mN. It is provided with imported load cell.