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(A)Smoothness Porosity & Softness Tester (Gurley Type) It is used for testing the average Smoothness, Porosity and Softness of paper and films by determining the time necessary for a certain volume of air to flow through the inserted sample, under a uniform pressure.

(B)As per TAPPI T-479,SM-48;TAPPI T-460,M-49;TAPPI T-490,SM-58;ASTM D726,58; SCAN D-202,55 T;SCAN P-53;SCAN P-19;APPITA P-420;CPPA P-14 Option: Inner cylinder of weight 5 oz for high porous paper. Smoothness Porosity & Softness Tester (Bendsten Type) It is used for determining the smoothness and porosity of paper and board. It is based on rotameter airflow principle. It is Provided with three imported variable area flow meter tubes from “SOLERTRAN MOBREY LTD., UK” and accessories. As per APPITA/AS 1301,440,DIN 53120,DIN 53108,ISO 5636/3,SCAN P-60,ISO 8791/3,ISO 8791/4,ISO 2494. Measuring Range : 5-150 ml/min 50-500 ml/min. 100-3000 ml/min.