A. Belt Flex Tester
– Extra for spare belts (lot of three)
B. Bennewart Flex Tester
a. Piercing tool with jig for making slit
b. Specimen cutting die (for cut samples)
C Flexing Endurance Tester for knee boot uppers
Specimens cutting die
D. Flexometer
A. For testing 6 specimens
B. For testing 12 specimens
C. For testing 24 specimens
Accessory :
Specimen cutting die
E. Full Shoe Flex Tester
I. for testing one pair at a time
II. for testing two pairs at a time
III. for testing four pairs at a time
IV. for testing six pairs at a time
Specimen cutting die
F. Ross Flex Tester
a. At room temperature
b. At Specified cold temperature
(for Hydrolysis testing)
i. Specimen cutting die
ii. Piercing tool with jig for making crack
G Vamp Flex Tester
Specimen cutting die